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Bhaagwat Katha event By Hari Yamuna
51 Shreemad Bhagwad Katha From March 2024 to Feb 2025
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Hari Yamuna

Hari Yamuna Sehyog Samiti is a registered NGO founded with the noble objective of Reviving, Restoring, and Rejuvenating the River Yamuna to its pristine glory.

Article 51 A(g)

Article 51 A (g) of the Indian constitution casts a responsibility upon every citizen to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers, wildlife, and to have compassion for livings creatures.

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Yamuna Concerns
Human activities degrading environment sign

Human Activities Degrading The Environment

solid waste sign

Solid Waste

sewage disposal sign

Sewage Disposal

Industrial effulent image

Industrial Effluents

waste disposal image

Building Waste Disposal

Hari Yamuna Mission

awareness event image hari yamuna

To spread awareness about the values and ethics of river Yamuna and its tributaries

Yamuna aarti image

To protect ancient Indian culture folk art, traditional festival and their celebrations

awareness campaignn by hari yamuna

To spread awareness in people to imbibe river Yamuna as a mother first and then as a river

Yoga day celebration by hari yamuna

To promote Yoga and sports, to relocate nature walkway along river Yamuna

Yamuna clean drive by hari yamuna image

To internalize the motto of lifelong service  towards river Yamuna  as a ‘way of life’

Podha Ropan by hari yamuna

To promote sustainable development of ecology in and around river Yamuna

Hari Yamuna Action Plan

Clean Yamuna drive
Clean Yamuna​

Transformation from polluted Yamuna to Hari Yamuna

Plant and nature photography
Plant & nurture​

Greening & Beautification of path along river Yamuna by planting of soil binding plant species​

Green selfie
Green Selfie​

Plant a sapling & post a green selfie​

Hari Yamuna Path
Hari Yamuna Path​

Relocation and of the nature walkway along the flow of Yamuna​

Green Recharge
Green Recharge​

Rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul by human affiliation with the environment through Yogic practices

Water drop

Awareness about the cleanliness of drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene

Oath Taking
Samkalp Sabha​
Continuous interaction for citizens’ initiative to clean river Yamuna
chalo krishna ki ore
Chalo Krishna ki ore​
Revival and Rehabilitation of ancient knowledge centers along Hari Yamuna, spreading Krishna consciousness
hari yamuna- morpankh
Nature Walkway​

Chalo Krishna ki ore

Roadmap for the Hari Yamuna

Placed alongside is the pictorial representation of the flow of the river Yamuna from Paonta Sahib to Pryagraaj. Hari Yamuna Sehyog Samiti envisions undertaking the Restoration and Rejuvenation of the river Yamuna along with its natural flow and to maintain ecological balance in and around the river.

Hari Yamuna Roadmap
नमामि यमुनामहं सकल सिद्धि हेतुं मुदा, मुरारि पद पंकज स्फ़ुरदमन्द रेणुत्कटाम । तटस्थ नव कानन प्रकटमोद पुष्पाम्बुना, सुरासुरसुपूजित स्मरपितुः श्रियं बिभ्रतीम । १ ।