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Hari Yamuna SehYog Samiti

Hari Yamuna Sehyog Samiti in Paonta Sahib is a registered society formed and registered at Distt Sirmaur in Himachal Pradesh which is devoted to the cause of clean environment through the cleaning of the rivers, planting of trees, controlling air pollution in and around the rivers with particular focus on river Yamuna. We have an ongoing project, “Project Hari Yamuna” to attain the success in our mission.

Our Details

Hari Yamuna Sehyog Samiti has been granted registration under section 12 A of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and also enjoys exemption for donation under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 vide approval number


Dated: 29-05-2020. Further, Hari Yamuna Sehyog SamitiĀ  in Paonta Sahib has also been accorded registration by the Registrar of the Companies for undertaking CSR activities by registration number: CSR00013978

Dated: 30-08-2021

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Individuals and CSR contributions are anticipated towards the noble cause of reviving and rejuvenating the river Yamuna. The contributions would primarily help address the core concerns of the Hari Yamuna Sehyog Samiti, namely solid waste management, planting of pollution-abating and soil-binding tree species along river Yamuna, relocation of nature walkway on which Lord Krishna walked and played upon along the river, beautification of the walkway with motivational paintings and the timeless classics of Lord Krishna and his leelas, creating a positive spiritual environment through installation of positively aligned sculptures.

Further, the society is working to propagate the idea of ‘Clean Yamuna Green Yamuna’ through organizing literary and cultural festivals, musical shows, magic shows, organizing seminars, organizing Samkalp sabhas, tree plantation drives, to remove plastic and other non-biodegradable wastes from the river. Other projects in the pipeline include the opening of Ved Vidyalayas, to revive ancient traditional knowledge related to scriptures and alternative streams of medicine.